Jared Bryant - Composer, Producer & Remixer

Jared Bryant has lived, breathed & eaten music since he was 7 yrs old. Under many different guises, he has been behind bands & projects such as:

'Edgeway, The Black Country Bandits, Project Blubook, Phat City Soul, Partnerz in Krime, Severn Valley Soul, Lucy & The Lost Boys & Revamp Recordings'.

From workin as a roadie for 'Blur, Oasis & Elvis Costello' to dj'ing at: 'The Que Club, The Canal Club, & The End', Jared has kept his feet deep underground,

preferring to master his art from the shadows. During the last ten years, he has also recorded & produced over fifty up & coming artists or bands,

and now finally has his own 'Severn Valley Studios' deep in rural Worcestershire. 

Whether you want a Producer, Remixer, Songwriter, Sound Designer, Programmer, Studio or DJ ?

Jared Bryant has the solution to all your musical needs.

For Booking, Enquiries & Information - Please Use Relevant Email Addresses & Links Below..